Shingle Roofs in Jacksonville


The most common types of roofs we install are shingle roofing. Shingle roofs are a favorite choice among most homeowners for the following reasons:

  1. shingle roof repair jacksonvilleAre very versatile and can adapt to almost any shaped roof
  2. Available in a wide variety of architectural styles
  3. Available in many different colors
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Sound muffling
  6. Easiest of the roofing types to install
  7. Lightweight
  8. Easy to repair
  9. Recycleable

Shingle roofs are a fantastic choice for the average homeowner who wants quality without a huge pricetag. Of the three main types of roofs (Shingle, Tile, Metal), shingle roofing is the most affordable. It has many other benefits, as listed above. Contact one of our friendly team members to discuss all the roofing options you have at your fingertips with us!