E2 Roofing Staff in Jacksonville, FL



Megan Newbury

Sales Representative

Originally from Chicago, Megan left the windy city to enjoy the sunshine of Florida right after Hurricane Matthew. With a background in the hospitality and beauty industry she decided to learn a new skill set and developed a passion in the restoration industry. Whether it be climbing a roof and inspecting it for damage or assisting homeowners through the dry out process from water damage, Megan has handled claims during Hurricane Matthew, Irma, Francis and Michael. Megan joins us as a sales representative.

Megan’s ambitions and goals transfer from the field into her everyday life as you can find her lifting heavy in the gym with goals to one day compete. On the weekends you might catch her working as a part time mermaid. In full character you can find her swimming with her pod at the springs or working at different events thorough out Florida.