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Roof Cleaning is an important part of roof maintenance.

When it comes to our home, we often pay the most attention to its interior. We decorate it, we remodel it, and we devote hours to cleaning it. In fact, on average, American’s spend six hours a week cleaning the interior of their house. But what about the exterior? With most of our time spent within our home, the exterior, especially the roof, is often out of sight and out of mind; however, it shouldn’t be. Beyond increasing your curb appeal, roof cleaning is essential to maintaining the integrity of your roof.

Not sure how to clean your roof? Here are a few tips to help get you started:

  1. Inspect your roof before you begin cleaning.
    Shingles and flashing help prevent water from penetrating your home. If there is damage to either of these, your home will be vulnerable to a leak, especially if you proceed with washing it (see tip number four below). When inspecting your roof, check for missing or broken shingles and cracked or damaged flashing. If you notice any impairments, no matter how small or minor, contact a professional like E2 ROOFING immediately. A professional roofing contractor can adequately assess your situation and provide you with solutions.
  2. Clear the debris.
    Branches, leaves, and other debris easily collect on a roof throughout the year. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also be damaging to your roof. As part of the cleaning process, remove any debris that has collected on your roof.
  3. Clean your gutters.
    In addition to clearing debris from the surface of your roof, you should regularly remove debris and buildup in your gutters. Leaves and branches can clog gutters, which creates drainage issues. Cleaning your gutters is a beneficial way to prevent roof leaks.
  4. Properly wash it.
    Avoid power washers and hard-bristled brushes when cleaning a roof as they can wear away granules and damage your shingles. A light spray from your hose can help wash your roof, but a soft washing system, like the one offered by Jacksonville-based HouseBright Exterior Cleaning, is the most effective. Soft washing combines low-pressure water spraying with cleaning agents that help clear your roof of dirt, mold, fungus, and other common buildup. We suggest using a professional like HouseBright Exterior Cleaning to properly, and safely, clean your roof.

Safety First
Annual roof cleaning is vital to roof maintenance, but safety is paramount. Homeowners must always take appropriate safety precautions when inspecting or cleaning their roofs and should never climb up on their own roof unless adequately trained. The best and safest practice is to view it from the ground or hire a professional like E2 ROOFING to inspect it at no cost. From inspections to replacements, our team can support all your roofing needs.

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