Jacksonville Roofing FAQ


Q:  How can you tell if your roof needs to be replaced?

A: Most shingle roofs have a lifespan of 20-25 years. Around this timeframe, materials begin to fail.  In Florida, this timeline can be accelerated due to the high winds and isolated hail events we are prone to. If you are not sure of the exact age of your roof, there are some signs that it is time for a replacement. Be on the lookout for ceiling stains on the interior of your home, missing shingles, discoloration, or bald spots on your roof. When in doubt, call for a free inspection where one of our representatives can do a detailed inspection and share photos with you of any areas of concern.

Q:  How do you know if your roofing contractor is reputable?

A: There are several questions you should ask your contractor before you sign a work authorization or contract. Are they licensed? If they answer yes, they should be able to give you their license number. In the State of Florida, roofing licenses start with the prefix “CCC”. You can also look up their license on the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation at myfloridalicense.com Are they insured? Ask to see proof of their workman’s compensation, general liability, and commercial auto insurance. You will want to ensure that anyone working on your property is fully insured with all three of these policies. Research the company fully online. Read through their Google reviews and ask for photos of previous roof installations they have completed. Finally, ask about the warranty that is being offered with the roof system they are selling you. A fully transferable warranty is ideal so that if you choose to sell your home in the future, the roof warranty will transfer to the new owners.

Q:  If my roof leaks do I need a repair or a new roof?

A: It depends on why your roof is leaking. If the leak is coming from the chimney or a single missing shingle, you may be able to have a repair done to stop the leak. If the roof is older in age and exhibits multiple worn spots or missing shingles, it is best to consider a replacement. One of our representatives will inspect your roof thoroughly and provide you with recommendations and reasoning as to whether it is best to repair or replace your roof.

Q:  How long does it take to replace a roof?

A: Timelines vary based on the size of the home, type of roof, and the crew performing the work. At E2, the average 2,500 square foot home that is a single story can be done in a day. Larger homes can take two days or longer. It is our mission to ensure we are working as quickly as possible, while safely ensuring that work is done to standard to ensure the quality of our installation.

Q:  What does a new roof cost?

A: Since there are so many variables in replacing a roof, it is difficult to give an exact answer. The key to comparing quotes is ensuring that you are comparing “apples to apples”. Ask contractors for a detailed scope where you can clearly see the manufacturer of the shingles, underlayment, and warranty specifics. As you compare quotes, knowing these key items, as well as the contractor’s measurement of total squares of your roof, will help ensure you have a complete understanding of the cost of your roof. We offer no-obligation-free inspections and estimates with a variety of options so contact us today if we can assist.