Holiday roof decorating tips

From meticulously hanging snowflakes and icicles to perfectly placing Santa and angels, holiday roof decorating can be quite the endeavor. Avoid being the Clark Griswold of your neighborhood by using these decorating tips to help protect you and your roof this holiday season.

Roof Decorating Tips

  • Make a decorating plan. Plan your design first to ensure you have what you need to complete the project, including decorations and tools. Having a decorating plan will save you from taking multiple trips to the store and help your project stay on track from the start.
  • Choose lightweight decorations. Roofs are not meant to bear extra weight, and heavy decorations can easily damage them. That may mean your Santa roof decoration with his sleigh pulled by all nine reindeer and other large holiday decor is better suited for your lawn.
  • Gather all your decorations, materials, and tools before you begin. Having everything ready in advance, from your lights to your ladder, will save you time and help your roof decorating go smoothly.
  • Inspect your decorations before you begin. There is nothing worse than getting halfway through your decorating project and finding out some of your lights do not work or your extension cord is faulty. Before you start hanging, plug in all your light strands and extension cords, and inspect all bulbs and other decor for damage.
  • Use hooks/clips to hang your lights. Never hang your lights or secure decorations with nails or staples. Even small punctures can damage your shingles or gutters, which can compromise the integrity of your roof. There are a variety of specialty hooks and clips available to hang your holiday decorations.

Roof Decorating Safety

  • Decorate on a clear, sunny day. Rain can create a slick and unsafe environment, especially on a ladder or roof. A clear day with plenty of sunshine is your best and safest option for decorating.
  • Use a suitable ladder. Ensure your ladder is in good working condition and tall enough to hang your decorations safely.
  • Clear your gutters and roof of debris. Leafs and branches not only pose a risk to your roof in general, but they can also create a fire hazard when combined with holiday light decorations.
  • Only use exterior lights. Not all lights are created to withstand the elements and can easily break because of improper use. Lights designated for outdoor use are the safest option for decorating.
  • Don’t work alone. It is a good idea to ask a friend or family member to help decorate your roof for the holidays. This person can spot you on the ladder and hand you items, allowing you to complete your project both quickly and safely.
  • Call the professionals if needed. Sometimes our roof decorating plans are a bit more ambitious than we can handle. There are numerous professionals in the Jacksonville area that can help install your holiday decorations safely and without damaging your roof.

Roof decorating safety doesn’t end once the decorations are up. Always remember to turn off your holiday lights when you leave the house or go to bed. And, when January (or spring, we’re not ones to judge) rolls around, and it’s time to take the decorations down, don’t rush. Hastily removing decorations can cause damage to your roof and gutters.

If your roof does encounter damage this holiday season, whether from decorations or an act of nature, E2 ROOFING can help. Our team provides comprehensive roofing services to ensure your home is protected all year long.

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